My Work

There is a vast list of projects that I have worked on since I started my career. This is a selection of my best and most recent UX work.

TheVisualMD - Website

TheVisualMD is an elegantly designed health and wellness ecosystem, encouraging users to contextualise their health journey at each stage of their lives.

TheVisualMD - Mobile App

The only holistic mobile app which lets you track, monitor, discuss and understand your health and wellness.

TheVisualMD - CMS

We worked closely with the product managers and technologists to define business requirements, create a high-level conceptual framework, and design every angle of the highly sophisticated user interface.


Wisestep is the fastest growing talent sourcing network of Recruitment Agencies and Freelance Recruiters, for crowdsourcing quality talent at speed.

Siemens - OSS Portal

We helped Siemens design a portal to manage open source components used within the organization.


We worked with Shareist to redesign their powerful web-based application which lets its users to capture ideas, create great content, publish and share content to their choice of CMSes and social networks.