Our client approached us with two primary objectives - to create a unified platform for users to understand and track their health with the help of rich visuals; and, enable users to share their wellness stories.


We started with the discovery phase which was a quick, high‐intensity effort that allowed us to define project milestones, audit the existing work, review the competitor landscape and understand our client's vision.

We opted for a lean approach which emphasised rapid sketching, prototyping, brainstorming and design mockups. This created early team‐wide alignment, sparked lot of great ideas, and helped us move faster.

Design Deliverables

We started by organising the huge content of the website, some of which already existed in various forms, and some desirable elements.

Once we got a clear picture on the site structure, we created high level wireframes. We made the wireframes interactive using InvisionApp.

After a few iterations, we created visual mockups. We dramatically simplified the user experience, focusing on core interactions and simplified navigation.