Wisestep works as a networking tool that engages users in building a strong professional network to enhance their career opportunities. This large and diverse network also allows employers to reach out to more people and make their hiring process faster, cheaper and more efficient.

The goal of this project was to redesign Wisestep suite of websites - the recruiter’s site and the job seeker’s site. The UX strategy was based on insights gathered from extensive research on industry trends, a heuristic analysis, and stakeholder interviews across geo-locations.

Prior to designing, I conducted a site audit to better understand the key issues from the user, developer and product perspectives. This allowed me to undertake a redesign within a manageable scope, while separately exploring blue-sky conceptual thinking to improve the user experience in the longterm.



Application screen for recruiters

Career page builder for companies

Recruiter’s website homepage

Search results page for job seekers

Recruiter network

User’s referral status